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Gaurav Bali

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Nanuet, New York

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Enriching lives through music education

Over 25 years of teaching experience.

Guitar Lessons

I provide clear lesson plans with goals, acheivement levels and performances.

Guitar Lessons

I teach a combination of practical music theory, technique and songs that my students love.

Guitar Lessons

I have very limited number of students so that EVERY student gets my full attention and energy.

Music Student
Music Student

Thanks for visiting All In Music!

While listing my credentials is an important way for you to know how qualified I am, there is something I'd like to share with you first. (We'll get to my experience in a minute.)

My name is Gaurav (pronounced GAW-RUV), and I also go by G. My goal is to teach lessons that are enjoyable for both of us and I do my best to have a lively, dynamic and enjoyable teacher-student relationship with all of my clients. I focus on music that my students love to play and cater my program for each student's individual level and goals. I love bringing out every student's inner musician. All it takes is desire, and I want my students to look forward to EVERY lesson as much as I do.

Please contact me so we can get started on our journey and you can benefit from all the rewards that music education has to offer! At this time, I exclusively teach online.

My Experience

I've been teaching guitar for 29 years and have been employed by some very reputable music schools on the Northeast. I was in a rock band that released albums for major record labels, had Top 20 radio Hits and toured nationally with many notable artists. Since relocating to Nashville in 2016, I've performed with many notable Country artists such as Josh Gracin (American Idol) Chuck Wicks (Dancing With the Stars) and Craig Wayne Boyd (The Voice).


I have a very high success rate because I work with a limited amount of students so they get the best of my attention.

I offer 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons.

I can only accept a few new students at this time.

Please contact me now for a private consultation of details and benefits of each package, or to reserve a time. You can also email me at

or call
(347) 526-8382

Gaurav has done an exceptional job improving my son's guitar skills. My son began by learning how to play from tabs and YouTube videos and was an average hobby guitarist. Under Gaurav's professional tutelage he has become an excellent musician. I recommend him without hesitation!

Van P.

"I am a 23 year old engineering student. I have had many teachers. Gaurav is probably the best teacher I've ever had. I started learning guitar at the beginning of the the summer, at home. Since moving back to school, I have been able to continue lessons with him online. He is teaching me to find myself and make music with the madness of creative noise. His knowledge of music and experience as a musician have given him the ability to put any student on a unique path. The process is long and you're not only investing time into an instrument, but also into another person. Gaurav is a great teacher for anyone who really wants to learn the guitar and make music."

Baker Schott


"All In Music is top tier. Gaurav's teaching style is how you can be the best you, and it has helped me improve in very many areas at a fast pace. Gaurav focuses on every area of music, but does it at a pace that never rushes you  and allows you to learn every building block needed. He's nice, very knowledgeable, responsive, and cares about the student and his/her progress. It would be hard to find a teacher who could provide a better experience than All In Music / Gaurav Bali. I recommend All In Music to anyone and everyone interested in pursuing guitar."

Max Schott

Music Student
Music Student
Music Student

"Awesome and amazing teacher. Patient and makes learning fun! My son had thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and improves with each lesson. Gaurav is the best, I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting lessons!"

Susan B.

"To say he's a great teacher is an understatement...He has the heart of an educator, which is hard to find."

Mark Gillman


"It's been a great experience for Leo to really enjoy music. He's getting to play a lot of fun songs and looks forward to his lesson every week. We would highly recommend him."

Maggie O'Connor

Parent of 9 year old student

"I have been playing guitar on and off for roughly 10 years. Gaurav has elevated my understanding of the instrument to a whole new level! While I was able to play difficult riggs / songs, my knowledge on music theory was very limited. I attempted to try to learn on my own but I wasn't achieving the progress I was looking for. G's method of teaching allowed me to take in a pretty simple concept to work on that week. Each week we further build onto that. My guitar skill would be nowhere where it is today with G! I have learned more and developed a higher skill working with Gaurav this past year than I did the first decade of playing self-taught!"

Royce P.

"Gaurav is a talented & supportive teacher who my teen enjoys. My son's guitar playing has improved dramatically since he started his virtual lessons. I appreciate Gaurav's professionalism and thoughtfulness. We feel so fortunate that we happened upon this wonderful guitar teacher!"

Patricia K.

"Overall it's been a blast. I tried a few different teachers before Gaurav, both in-person and remote and he is head and shoulders above the rest!"

James C.


"My 11 year old son has been learning to play the guitar since last year and is loving it!! Gaurav is not only brilliant in his ability to play the guitar, but he has a unique ability to transfer his knowledge & skill in such a way that inspires my son Hudson to not only practice every day, but also be passionately excited about his possibilities of being a great guitarist! It thrills me to see him love it so much & grow in his confidence. 
Thank you Gaurav!!!"

Glenn P.

Parent of a student

"I know I'll be a better player each time we meet. The best thing about the lessons is that Gaurav will have a plan as to what we should practice but is also flexible enough to show me anything I may have questions about... whether it's songs, different chord progressions, theory, whatever. I've seen real progress in just these few months and I can't wait to see where I am in a couple of years with Gaurav."

Dan S.


"I was a fan of Gaurav's for a while before I become a student. I appreciated his songs, and writing style in his band through the radio. As his guitar student, I learned he is a great person too. I am constantly impressed with his punctuality, his music education, opinions and interpretations of songs. He is never late, and is always prepared. He makes you feel like you are his only student. He is honest, and very patient when I struggle. If you ever want to learn, or trust your children in someone's hands for guitar lessons you would be selling yourself short if you didn't choose Gaurav."

Denny M.


"We feel so lucky to have Gaurav teach our kids (8 years old & 6 years old) how to play guitar. Our kids have taken classes at another local music school but All In Music is a much better fit for our family's needs. Gaurav is patient, kind, and an all around rockstar! We are so thankful to have someone so talented teach our kids each week. 10/10"

Brittney B.

Parent of students

"It's over 10 years later and I've retained all the music theory knowledge that I gained and have used it my professional career as a freelance musician. I would highly recommend his guitar lessons - they really helped form me into the musician that I am today."

Lily Kaufman

Graduate of Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University

"It is a fantastic experience overall. My chops as a guitar player have improved significantly and my hunger to learn has only increased under his tutelage. I look forward to more!"

Cunav Puthur


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