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Gaurav Bali

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Nashville, TN

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For everyone's protection, I am now teaching guitar lessons ONLINE.

Enriching lives through music education

Over 25 years of teaching experience.

Guitar Lessons

I provide clear lesson plans with goals, acheivement levels and performances.

Guitar Lessons

I teach a combination of practical music theory, technique and songs that my students love.

Guitar Lessons

I have very limited number of students so that EVERY student gets my full attention and energy.

I also do lessons online!

Music Student
Music Student
Music Student

Thanks for visiting All In Music!

While listing my credentials is an important way for you to know how qualified I am, there is something I'd like to share with you first. (We'll get to my experience in a minute.)

My name is Gaurav (pronounced GAW-RUV), and I also go by G. My goal is to teach lessons that are enjoyable for both of us and I do my best to have a lively, dynamic and enjoyable teacher-student relationship with all of my clients. I focus on music that my students love to play and cater my program for each student's individual level and goals. I love bringing out every student's inner musician. All it takes is desire, and I want my students to look forward to EVERY lesson as much as I do.

Please contact me so we can get started on our journey and you can benefit from all the rewards that music education has to offer! I also do online lessons if you're not located in or around Nashville, TN!

My Experience

I've been teaching guitar for 26 years and have been employed by some very reputable music schools on the Northeast. I was in a rock band that released albums for major record labels, had Top 20 radio Hits and toured nationally with many notable artists. Since relocating to Nashville in 2016, I've performed with many notable Country artists such as Josh Gracin (American Idol,) Chuck Wicks (Dancing With the Stars,) and Craig Wayne Boyd (The Voice).


I have a very high success rate because I work with a limited amount of students so they get the best of my attention.

I offer 30, 60 or 90 minute lessons.

I can only accept a few new students at this time.

Please contact me now for a private consultation of details and benefits of each package, or to reserve a time. You can also email me at

or call
(347) 526-8382

Music Students

"His lessons have improved my son's understanding and playing guitar tremendously in less than a year. As an educator myself, I can appreciate that G is a professional but also a down to earth teacher that has not only taught my son to play but also inspired him to practice on his own all the time. Thank you!"

Tom LoCascio

Parent of a student

"I am a 23 year old engineering student. I have had many teachers. Gaurav is probably the best teacher I've ever had. I started learning guitar at the beginning of the the summer, at home. Since moving back to school, I have been able to continue lessons with him online. He is teaching me to find myself and make music with the madness of creative noise. His knowledge of music and experience as a musician have given him the ability to put any student on a unique path. The process is long and you're not only investing time into an instrument, but also into another person. Gaurav is a great teacher for anyone who really wants to learn the guitar and make music."

Baker Schott


"All In Music is top tier. Gaurav's teaching style is how you can be the best you, and it has helped me improve in very many areas at a fast pace. Gaurav focuses on every area of music, but does it at a pace that never rushes you  and allows you to learn every building block needed. He's nice, very knowledgeable, responsive, and cares about the student and his/her progress. It would be hard to find a teacher who could provide a better experience than All In Music / Gaurav Bali. I recommend All In Music to anyone and everyone interested in pursuing guitar."

Max Schott

Music Student
Music Student
Music Student

"An amazing guitar teacher... He teaches the perfect amount of theory and then how to apply it to play for practical playing. Just about any song is in reach."

Sowser Wojokh

Student since 2011

"To say he's a great teacher is an understatement...He has the heart of an educator, which is hard to find."

Mark Gillman


"It's been a great experience for Leo to really enjoy music. He's getting to play a lot of fun songs and looks forward to his lesson every week. We would highly recommend him."

Maggie O'Connor

Parent of 9 year old student

"Absolutely the best guitar teacher my son has had! Not just a great teacher but a great person and musician too. Since day one, he explained the way he teaches and gave us details on what to expect. He was great answering all our questions too. Besides being always on time, very responsible, respectful and friendly! I feel so comfortable leaving the house while he is teaching my son, I do not worry about not being around while he teaches my son. It feels like I know him for a long time or like he's part of our family. I can tell you that my son has learned so much in such a short amount of time. All the information he has given my son is very clear, concise and always very helpful. Gaurav is a huge help in teaching my son guitar, and thanks to that my son is happy while he plays and practices his lessons without feeling like it's homework. I highly recommend him 110%. Thanks so much G. Man! that's how we call him."

Fiorella Morales

Parent of a student

"Prior to 1:1 with Gaurav I was winging it, watching YouTube tutorials and just creating bad habits. I'm like ten lessons in now and am loving learning music theory because, just as he promised, each session has half music "theory" (but taught in an easy to follow format) and half practicing playing. I now love practicing because I sound better and each lesson we see marked improvement. Way better than an app and he has a teaching method that gets you from point A to point B as fast as you're willing to work at it. Best quarantine goal ever is getting these lessons."

Scott Palangi


"G is an awesome teacher and very relatable with kids. My daughter had a great time learning the guitar from him and his methods work out great. I would highly recommend G for anyone that loves music!!!"

Deepak Mathur

Parent of a student

"It's over 10 years later and I've retained all the music theory knowledge that I gained and have used it my professional career as a freelance musician. I would highly recommend his guitar lessons - they really helped form me into the musician that I am today."

Lily Kaufman

Graduate of Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University

"It is a fantastic experience overall. My chops as a guitar player have improved significantly and my hunger to learn has only increased under his tutelage. I look forward to more!"

Cunav Puthur


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